Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Kitchen Redesign

Doesn't your kitchen please you any longer? Kitchen Lifting is called the magic word!
What can be made during a kitchen renovation and/or - modernization of everything?
The options is very various and leaves no desires open:

Kitchen modernization on basis of your old kitchen of

BEFORE (left) - AFTER (right)

Kitchen redesign - as that functions?

They would like gladly a new kitchen however your current are actually still completely well in shot and/or still functional. As beautiful would be it nevertheless, if you could give a new face (new momentum) to your kitchen by purposeful, economical exchange of some components. That can be done naturally also with their, somewhat into the age come, electrical appliances such as refrigerator, baking-oven or dishwasher, which you can exchange against modern and energy-saving. A kitchen modernization in this kind has the natural advantage that your budget for the “new” kitchen is smaller and clearly faster can be realized, as a new purchase.

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"After reading your writings, I got all inspired. My little galley kitchen looks so fresh and spacious. I'm so pleased. Can't wait for a friend to show up so I can 'show off'. My husband agreed - it looks like a new kitchen." - Dee Bloodgood